Here are three (3) marketing concepts that they really hit the mark with:

1) Make It An Experience:
Diet soft drinks always get a bad wrap. People (especially soft drink consumers) want to indulge. But, diet drinks, just by their nature, go against that demand. It is not just the €different€ taste of diet drinks but their persona.

With half the population being male and assuming that half of their customers are therefore male, the persona of a diet drink just does not scream manliness.

Dr. Pepper Ten looks to find a middle ground here (at least with their marketing) €" something that their consumers, who want the full soft drink experience but either have to or want to watch their waist line, can get behind.

The product offers the benefits of a diet drink (with only 10 calories) but the marketing behind the product (€No Women Allowed') is trying to make it an experience €" a manly experience.

Now, men can drink a diet drink that is not totally diet and does not make them look girly.

Also, not only will it get men to buy but will entice women as well. The men's underwear industry has done this for years. They don't target men with their packaging or marketing €" they target women (wives and mothers) who do most of the men's underwear purchasing.

Thus, think about how many women (wives, mothers and girlfriends) will purchase these €man€ drinks for their men. To let their men know they are thinking about and doing something special for them. Now that is an experience.

Not to mention those women, with unease over their husband's, boyfriend's, or son's health or weight, who will buy this product out of concern or love €" knowing that they will not shy away from drinking it as this is a €man's' drink.

2) Trigger Consumer Curiosity:
Tell someone that a product is just for them and they will want to try it. If it delivers, you have won a new customer, if it doesn't, well at least your marketing worked - getting them to try it in the first place.

Or, tell someone not to do something and that is all they can think about doing. Tell someone that this product is not for you, and you will want it more.

Tell men it is for them and not for women sparks the curiosity (and a reason to buy) from both groups.

3) Make It Exclusive:
It's a man's drink (at least that is what the marketing makes it) and as such has a strong chance of drawing in a lot of men (who normally don't purchase diet drinks).

Further, it makes men feel a sense of superiority and who doesn't want to feel special.

Feeling special, having something created or marketed just for you, usually translates into more sales and builds a loyalty €" a connection. Example, €this company really understands me!€

And, since that is the goal here, Dr. Pepper may just have a real winner. A winner in their product? Only time will tell. But, definitely a winner in their marketing.

Marketing is an ongoing process. What might work for your business today can and usually will be a flop tomorrow.

Consumer tastes change. New developments emerge. Or, customers just get bored and move on.

Many marketing gurus will tell you to find a successful person and use them as a mentor. While that is great advice, you don't have to limit yourself to just one successful person.

There is no harm in watching what others are doing to see what might work for your business €" especially if you are all targeting the same consumers. Thus, see what works and duplicate it. If something they do doesn't work, you can either find a way to improve on it for your own business or scrap it.

Professional Courses are certification programmes awarded by professional societies, universities or a private certifier upon completion of a specific course or curriculum designed to equip the pursuer with the skills and training in the subject. These programmes may be affiliated to professional bodies which govern the equivalence to maintain standards.

Marketing is one of the three major core subjects taught in a management course. In modern times, with the upcoming of large and medium multinational corporations, specializing in sub-verticals of marketing will help you to attain jobs more easily with higher compensations. This is due to the large number of roles available in the industry which cannot be filled up by professionals with a general qualification in management.

There are 5 major super specializations in marketing:

1) Sales
2) Retail
3) Digital Marketing
4) Research and Analytics
5) Integrated Marketing Communications & Branding


Sales can be defined as the act of selling a product or service for a return. This return may be in the form of money. It also acts as a pointer to indicate the completion of the prospective stage and the commencement of the engagement between the consumer and the vendor or an extension of that engagement.

Sales is placed as the final stage of marketing and following the principle of the 4Ps ie. Pricing, Promotion, Positioning and Product. The objective of a marketing department at an organization is to increase the desirability of the product and value to the consumer along with increasing the number of engagements with potential consumers.

Large Corporations usually model their Sales department on the same lines as the marketing department where the team managers synchronize efforts to raise and make profits and company success. Here, both departments work hand in hand to coerce in bound prospective customers giving the sales department a superior chance for conversion.


Retail can be defined as the sale of goods and services from individuals or businesses to the final consumer. Retailers form the final stage in the integrated supply chain. A retailer usually purchases goods from the manufacturer directly or via wholesale in bulk quantities. And then sells them to final consumers in small quantities or single units for a profit.

Retail marketing strategy has become a basic necessity of any marketing strategy and involves complex planning and execution. This strategy is usually focused around the needs and desires of the customer. Increasingly Retail marketing also involves customer satisfaction and at the same time maintain profitability. In modern times, Retail marketing consists of 5 basic rules for a successful campaign:

1) Saving consumer Time
2) Setting competitive Prices
3) Creating engagement and an emotional connection
4) Paying respect to customers
5) Customer satisfaction and solving problem queries

If successfully implemented, the retailer can create customer loyalty and hence make it easier for the retailer stay in market for a prolonged period. This usually takes years in the making.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the promotion of an organization or brand on digital channels such as email, cellular phones, social networks and other similar channels. This is usually an indirect form of marketing where the higher importance is given to consumer engagement rather than an upfront Sale. Consumers are generally more intelligent and exercise greater precaution while surfing these channels. However, direct Sales and marketing also exist in the form of ecommerce portals and product websites but are almost always accompanied by a greater need of content by the consumer to be able to trust the product itself.

The use of digital marketing allows organizations to measure quantitative results and target just the right consumers. It also enables you to monitor exactly how the consumer reacts to your campaign and hence fix the glitches in your strategy. Digital marketing is also cost effective as campaigns may be launched as per needed with little or no wastage of time. It enables you to achieve more for less. In modern times, with the advent of internet and communication the methods of advancing a brand are no longer constrained. The ways and means to interact with the consumer has multiplied exponentially and strengthens your organizations success and growth.

Integrated Communications Marketing

In the real sense, integrated communications marketing or IMC can be defined as the development of marketing strategies and creative campaigns that are integrated together multiple marketing disciplines that are exercised by the organization and together work towards achieving the objectives of a brand. What this basically means is that instead of using several marketing channels to help tell a brand's overall story, with IMC the company can leverage each of the channel's intrinsic strengths to achieve a greater impact than what each channel could have individually achieved.

A professional in IMC will be able to understand each of the mediums limitations which includes the ability of the consumer to absorb messages from each channel. These observations are used to put together a campaigns strategic plan from the very beginning of the planning the brand is able to speak with efficiency and efficacy. This concept provides an added benefit that includes:

1) Singular and synchronized brand voice and experience.
2) Cost efficiency through cutting down of creative cost.
3) Opportunities for added bonuses for the customer.

You might have made the decision to start you own business and you have signed up with your chosen network marketing company. Now what? When you are about to enter your first year in network marketing - what should you expect?

Let's take a closer look at your strategy because in the event you begin correctly and you remain consistent, then you'll be able to count on producing a good profit in your first year. If you have some degree of success in your first year then you are more likely to stay around for another year and build on your initial success. You've got to make a plan and put that plan into operation on a regular basis.

Let's suppose you've been active in your network marketing business for a while and making some income, or possibly your not making any or very little. Either way, it really is by no means too late to start getting reorganized or to refresh your memory as to what you should have done in your first year in network marketing and make certain you start performing in a correct manner right now.

What were Your Weaknesses?

Starting out in network marketing is different for everybody but most people have difficulty with at least one aspect of the business. Are you just stumbling along and have you accomplished anything to resolve your difficulties?

The first factor you need to do is map out a marketing plan for the next year, next quarter, next month, next week and what you intend to complete tomorrow. Bottom line? You will need an everyday plan of action to expose your products, services and business opportunity to new people on a daily basis.

Making the Necessary Sacrifice

As you work through this "action plan" do you notice any glaring challenges? Perhaps the need for a far better time management system has become apparent. Perhaps it really is time to truly schedule time to develop your business and "make time" to produce the important activities necessary for success.

Are you willing to miss a favorite TV show 3 times per week to secure time and financial freedom for your self? How about giving up 4 hours of golf every single Saturday?

Maybe one of the most glaring difficulties you've discovered is that you do not have any type of lead generation strategies to sponsor and recruit new people. How do you intend to market and promote your new business.

Will you run ads, hold typical prospecting meetings or set up and on-line lead generation system? Possibly you will need far more training in this area and to invest in the necessary tools to generate a positive outcome.

Have you scheduled in non-productive time to study and understand a lot more regarding the art and science of lead generation, sponsoring, duplication and marketing? How about team building, motivation and leadership skills?

Leaders are created, not born and it's simply not just stepping into a leadership role for the team... you will need to focus on creating leadership within your team at the same time. There are many sources of free training on the web.

Among the list of fastest techniques to generate the result you will be hunting for in your first year in network marketing will be to align yourself with a top producer who is already enjoying the outcomes and lifestyle you want. Study and model their each and every move and quit paying any attention to those people supplying "advice" who have not created the success to back it up.

However, there are many successful leaders out there in this area of marketing. You have to do your research and discover who the bona fide network marketing experts are. The good ones make six and seven-figure incomes using effective and duplicable strategies. Some are even willing to help those new to the niche with several aspects of network marketing for free.

Will You Be Here Next Year?

Treat your business like a real business and it generate profit for you like a real business. Keep very good records in the time spent in your business as well as an income and expenses report. Bear in mind you are in business to make a profit. Know where your finances are at any point in time.

Are you making progress or not? And are you giving your business your greatest effort? Would you hire yourself to work inside your business?

If you have made it through your first year in network marketing - then congratulations. You are probably now looking forward to your second year and constructing the profitable and successful business you always wanted.